Telenor – Collected Cases 



“Because the merge of two companies sort of
could be compared to the love story of the parents
in a long-lasting ad format.”

Development of concept and idea for the initial rebranding campaign "Better Together" which came to be a 2-year concept. The strategy was to take the comic and not so recognizable family to a place where the target group could relate to a more realistic everyday life. In this way, we increased the recognition factor for the brand but also elevated Telenor into something more humble and likeble. 

Case video: 

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This time Telenor points out that WiFi has become an essential part of the home, and sometimes all you need.

In a warm and spirited spot, the daugther in the established Telenor-family initiates an important passage into adult life: moving into her first apartment. To Basement Jaxx “Good Luck,” she dances through everyday problems and failu res with a smile, because after all, as long as she has WIFI, everything is just fine.

Campaign video: 

Stills for banners and take overs: 



“Because in a time of flight shame, let’s go for a train ride.”

For the summer campaign Telenor wanted to highlight that the Family offer get’s even better the more members using it. We wanted to highlight this by letting the family have a nice train ride where we prove how much better the family actually is together. 
Hero TVC: 

1/4 “Tactical version”:

Short versions for SoMe: 

“Say cheese!”
“Choose Telenor family” 
“Less mess, more surf”
“Choose Telenor family”
“Less tease, more surf”
“Choose Telenor family”



Because during an election, people are for or against all kinds of stuff.

Telenor had an offer where you could remove being stuck with a payplan or “binding offers” as the direct translation would be from Swedish. That’s why we saw the opportunity to play around with the headlines from each party during the election and at the same time let everyone know that you shouldn’t be stuck with a payplan. 


Telenor version:                                 
Towards the future?
Without binding offers the choice is yours. 

Original version: 
Towards the future! 


Telenor version: 
Let’s make a stand for binding offers! 
Original version:
Let’s make a stand for Sweden! 

Telenor Version: 
Against binding offers.
Original Version:
Against extremism.


Telenor Version: 
I would like Sweden to be a place where everyone who could change should be able to change. 

Original Version:
I would like Sweden to be a place where everyone who can work should work.


Telenor Version: 
The time of binding offers have come to an end.
Original Version:
The climate change haven’t got time to wait. 



Because when a rapper accidentally shows his way-too-simple phone passcode to the journalists of the world while meeting the president, he probably needs help. We launched a website that generated passcodes in order to make him pick a better one than 000000.
Or what AdAge said:

-“Not that it's difficult (but thanks, Telenor)”