Telenor - Better Together

This year, Telenor merged with its subsidiary Bredbandsbolaget. Why? Because they’re better together. In conjunction with the merge, we did a large rebranding campaign with a new brand promise. We told the love story of the Telenor family as an allegory for the merge and depicted the life of the couple of Sören and Johanna. Through thick and thin. Good times and bad. Showing that, when it comes down to it, life always is better together.

Together with the swedish artists Ji Nilsson and Janice we created a new song from the old classic “Två av oss” by Efva Attling.

Client: Telenor
Role: Lead Creative, Art Director
Agency: Acne
Director: Lina Söderström

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Telenor – Better Together from ACNE on Vimeo.

As the song organically became one of the moste played songs in Sweden during that time, we released a music video to maintain the hype.